A Time to Be Thankful

Written By Jennifer Duty

Thanksgiving is here. 2020 a blur. Stress and uncertainty were everywhere. Well, I am over it. Instead of focusing on the negative, it is time to focus on all the good things we have in our life. For some this is very difficult. For others gratitude flows unbounded. I am in the difficult category. It is so much easier to see the negative or the bad things in your life.

This year I think it has been the same for most people. Every time you turn on the TV or open up social media you are bombarded with negative, unhappy things. It is important to stay informed, but must I also feel miserable? No. The negative effects on a constant state of fright or flight will eventually take its toll on you mentally and physically. I am proof of that. My health has been marginal, and my attitude has been bad.

It is the season of thankfulness and joy. It is time to move on. Thanksgiving is so much more than food. Being thankful and in a state of gratitude will change everything. Your whole body will vibrate at a better energy. Joy and happiness begins and ends with you. You are in control of how you feel and how people treat you.

Here at Pacific Flake we have much to be thankful for. We started off the year with more orders than ever before. We were set to expand. COVID hit and everything came to a full stop. Thinking the stoppage was temporary,  we continued to expand. The stoppage continued on and on. Pacific Flake was faced, like many small businesses all over the USA, with the idea if we would have to shut down permanently.

Finally toward the end of summer restaurants began to reopen. People began to venture back into their communities. Life was moving forward again. There was shift to shopping local. People began to seek out ways to support their local businesses.

Pacific Flake is back in full swing operations and is proud to say, we will be finishing our expansion plans by spring of 2021. We are thankful. Our company is small, but supports several other small businesses. We all have a positive affect on each others businesses.

As we move quickly from Thanksgiving to Christmas I would like to remind you, your local dollar supports your neighborhood, your state, and your country. I personally have already finished Christmas shopping and purposely bought gifts made in the USA. We do not have huge Christmas present craziness. That makes it easier to spent the money on USA made products that might cost a little more. Again focusing on gratitude and things we need.

Here at Pacific Flake we are grateful for all of our supporters. We would like to that some of our biggest supporters, our family, who are always there in good times and in lean times. We are grateful for the chefs that appreciate all the effort that goes into a pound of Pacific Flake Sea Salt. We are grateful for the local and the not so local restaurants that continue to use Pacific Flake Sea Salt. We are grateful for the resellers that believe our Flake Sea Salt is superior.

As we move forward in joy, here’s to 2021.

“Pacific Flake Sea Salt, your local sea salt harvestry.”

NOV 18, 2020

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