Covid Craziness

Written by Jennifer Duty 06/02/2021

What a year it has been. I haven’t posted in a long time. The last post was Thanksgiving 2020. As you know things have been a little crazy.

Pacific Flake was less than two weeks away from closing its doors. All orders had stop. The U.S. was in a strange place. Then it was as if the switch had been flipped on.

Suddenly Pacific Flake had more orders than ever before. Orders coming from all over U.S. New people discovered Pacific Flake Sea Salt and the art of cooking and baking was back. People had time to source local products. People had time to try recipes they had been thinking about. The home became a sanctuary. Cooking became an important part of that.

At Pacific Flake we came very busy. Orders were backing up. Then restaurants began to open up. Once again Pacific Flake had to make a decision.

We took a risk and expanded again. Pacific Flake has expanded twice since the shutdown and it has really paid off.

Pacific Flake is now working around the clock to get orders filled. Orders are sometimes not as filled as fast as we would like, but we are catching up. I would like to thank everyone that has supported us along the way.

Small business is the backbone of the U.S. and the entrepreneurial spirit is alive.

A special thanks to all the local community and government agencies. We live in one of California’s true treasures. As things begin to level out, we look forward to sharing our beautiful stories with you.

Thank you.

“Pacific Flake, your local flake sea salt harvestry.”

JUN 02, 2021

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