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Emergency Prep for September

Written by Jennifer Duty

September is emergency preparation month. I know it seems like we have been under one big emergency since March. My nerves are fried and my stress is stretched to the max. It has been a scramble to keep cleaning supplies and toilet paper in the house. This is why it is important to be prepared.

September Emergency Preparedness Month

Our homes have become the new sanctuary and shelter in place seems to be the "new" become a regular part of our lives.  Home improvement stores have become the new hot spots. People realized their home wasn’t the sanctuary they actually wanted to spend time in. Garage cleaning became a sport. Closet organizing became a quest. Most closet organizing tools have been sold out for months. The same for pantry and freezer items. The yard became our escape. Walking, running, and biking are fun again and the the family meal is alive and well again.

If a person’s house did not meet these needs they started looking for a new home which is why in these difficult times real estate markets are still bullish.

Urban flee is a new hot a topic. People are now needing a work spaces at home for more than one person more now than ever. Our family has worked from home since the invention of the smartphone, nothing new for us. But for some people this is a major lifestyle change with the added stresses of work now added to the home life. Add to that school from home and stress levels are at the max. More people are getting into RVs. Some full time, some just wanting to escape the day-to-day.

leaving the city

Life has changed, but it is always changing. We just need to be a little prepared for when it happens. It will happen and proper preparation will keep the stress at bay. When you are organized and ready for anything it will bring a calmness to the entire family.

There is nothing worse than realizing you have no toilet paper. What about water? Clean, safe, drinking water. What about water to clean up in? Long term food and water storage is a must. All that space you created by cleaning out your closet, pantry and garage need to be put to use. We bought an upright freezer that fits in garage. We also have a large, heavy duty, ice chest to put the freezer items in in the event we have to evacuate or we lose power for an extended period.

While it is important to get your shelter in place organized and stocked, do not forget to be ready to evacuate. Out here in the West fires are upon us again. Your home can be gone is an instant. Every family member needs to have a "go bag". Your "go bag" needs to be cleaned out and inspected every year.

Make sure medicine is easy to find and gather in the event you must leave quickly. All of my supplements and meds are in one place. They are in a storage box with a lid that I can grab quickly if we need to leave. I also carry a week supply of supplements and meds in my handbag in case I can not get back to my home. I rotate them out twice a year to make sure they are fresh. The same should be for pets. Pets need go bags. Paperwork, food, water, and pet meds.

I know this all sounds overwhelming, but if you do all this now, when an emergency comes up, you will be more than ready. Your stress will be at a minimum because you and family will have a safe plan in place.

This is a project the family should do together. Each family member should help take responsibility for themselves at all ages. Everyone should have their own bag and know what is in it. Children can put one special thing in their bag. An item that makes them happy and comfortable. Same for adults. Customize your "go bag". There are plenty of emergency go bags on the market. I found one company that makes beautiful emergency bags. I suggest you start with a pre-built bag if you are not sure of your needs. There are plenty of websites to guide you. I have wrote other articles on this website about emergency preparedness, too.

Now is the time to get your home, RV, car, and go bags in order. Have an evacuation plan in order. Have several options mapped out. Pick several places that are known and safe. Always fuel up your car when you are at half a tank.

Power goes out randomly here in California. Not all gas stations have a generator back up in place. Keep your car fueled up! Locate gas stations that have generator back up in case of emergency. Remember they will have long lines. It is easier to be prepared.

Above all, try to store nutrient dense food. This year above all, we have learned health is wealth. Food is medicine. There are many options available at health food stores. Nutrient dense bars and organic soups. Try them before you stock up, you want to enjoy your meal, even if you are evacuated. Always rotate your stock. Keep things fresh.

Dense Foods

Keep important paperwork and cash at the ready, too. Just a little prep time now. will keep you safe later. Buy a little at a time. Build up your stock. Start small. Get your go bags in order. Buy water. We have been working for several months to fill up the big freezer. It is an ongoing process, but I just buy a little extra each time I go to the store. Just start somewhere.

Be well and be safe.

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SEP 23, 2020

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