Happy Fourth of July 2022

Written by Jennifer Duty

Happy Fourth Evreryone! I hope everyone has a great holiday. We will be taking some time at the lake and the river. The Farmers’ Markets are really wonderful and it is great to see everyone out and supporting local communities. Now more than ever buying local is important. It is just good for everyone. 

Just a couple of new things to announce. Pacific Flake has released a new fine grain sea salt. It is made the same pure way as our flake sea salt, but a fine grain. You may recognize it as an all purpose salt or a table salt. At Pacific Flake both our sea salts can be used for everyday cooking and baking. Some people prefer a finer grain for baking and everyday use, so we created a product to meet the need. It truly is my new favorite. 

Which brings me to my next announcement. Pacific Flake Sea Salt is now available on Etsy.  Or go to Etsy.com and search for Pacific Flake. We are both the maker and the seller. Be aware that there are several resellers. Both original Pacific Flake Sea Salt and the new Pacific Flake Fine Grain are available there. All sizes are available. 

I would like to thank our family, friends, chefs and everyone that has supported Pacific Flake Sea Salt over the years. It has truly been a grassroots effort. We celebrate 6 years of this pure Californian made product. 

Happy Holiday.

“Pacific Flake Sea Salt, your local sea salt harvestry”

JUL 01, 2022

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