“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

With Gratitude

There are times when we take people for granted. We go about living our everyday lives sometimes missing the great works happing in front of us. It is easy. We are caught up in ourselves, not thinking of the other person, until. Until happens when you least expect it. Until is a slow creep. Mostly unnoticeable. Until. Until the people in our life are in need. The need can be great. The need can be small. It is how we respond to the need that is a witness of our character.

At Pacific Flake, we have a front seat to witness all kinds of kindness. Pacific Flake needed a larger facility to do business and the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commission laid out the red carpet for Pacific Flake. This allowed Pacific Flake access to some of the cleanest water in California. Humboldt County has welcomed and helped nurture Pacific Flake through each growth phase. When it came time to grow and expand the Harbor Commission stepped up again, helping Pacific Flake navigate the nearly impossible to get California Coastal Commission permits.

When it came time to add more equipment Humboldt’s local businesses were able to meet the manufacturing needs, meaning we could keep the money local. This means our neighbors are benefiting from the growth of Pacific Flake.

We are grateful for this community and are so excited to be part of its growth. This region is truly one of kind and must not be taken for granted. There is no place like it on earth. 

My family stepped up in a big when it came time to implement the new expansion equipment. Dan, my brother, Bryon’s uncle, and Jacob, my son and Bryon’s brother, came through in a big way. Dan, who has a rare depth of experience in everything was the perfect project manager. Jacob brought the Hussle and the muscle. Working side-by-side with Dan and Bryon to make everything possible. Without Dan & Jacob Pacific Flake’s expansion could have taken weeks or months. Within a few long, exhausting days Pacific Flake was back up and running.

The demand for Pacific Flake Salt is so great that every day the business was down meant we were falling behind. Dan & Jacob made sure that didn’t happen. It was amazing. Where there was nothing, now a new Salt Shack.

Pacific Flake is growing at an exponential rate and word continues to spread of the amazing, fire evaporated, Flake Sea Salt. So much so, that Pacific Flake is looking to expand again in late 2019.

By 2020, we plan to double again. So, everyone that has helped or talked about Pacific Flake. Thank you. Thank you for all your support and kind letters. At Pacific Flake, we will pass that kindness on.

With love & gratitude, 

Jennifer Duty

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