“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

Vegas Food Expo 2018

Written By Jennifer Duty

Pacific Flake is just back from the Vegas Food Expo 2018. Titled "Where Foods are Discovered" is true. Founder of the Vegas Food Expo & Artisanal Foods, Brett Ottolenghi, wanted to provide an expo affordable to America's emerging food producers & help them be discovered.
While it was a smaller venue it was packed with flavor overload. 
Brett did an amazing job of bringing together such a diverse group of people. Everything was delicious & beautiful. We forged some great relationships. Thank you, Brett, for inviting us.

We had the privilege of dining at the Carnevino Italian Steakhouse and when I say privilege, I mean it. we have never had a better meal. The meal at Carnevino was an all-time high. Bryon & I had the lamb. Jacob had the best steak I have ever tasted in my life. It was dry aged longer than any other steak I had ever had before. Aging really makes the difference. Stacy had the ravioli. It was a course meal, which means the food just keeps on coming. Plate after delicious plate of food. We were there three hours. We sat in the wine cellar. I cannot drink wine because of my autoimmune disease, but it was a beautifully intimate experience of a lifetime.

I highly recommend Carnevino if you get the chance. We did not just eat, we were there on business too. While at CarnenivoBefore the food service began Bryon was able to explain the Pacific Flake difference to the entire staff and share his salt making process and answer any questions. It was fun to meet everyone. I cannot say it enough, thank you, everyone, at Carnevino for the wonderful evening, the beautiful food, & the warm hospitality. 

Pacific Flake is proud to say Carnevino uses Pacific Flake in all its dishes and is honored by their choice to use the finest flake salt available.


While in Las Vegas Stacy, Bryon, & Jacob were able to fulfill another dinner wish list. Dinner at Momofuku Las Vegas. Thank you, David Chang, for bringing Momofuku to the west coast. I stayed home. I was still in a food coma from the Carnevino meal of a lifetime.

The boys did fulfill a food wish for me, they brought me back some "Crack Pie" from the Milk Bar. Thank you, Christina Tosi.

The boys also brought home some extra servings of Momofuku Country Ham. What? I know, but it was the best Country Ham I have ever tasted. Thank you for the protein before the sugar amazingness. 

Las Vegas was a great week. Thank you, Artisanal Foods & Brett Ottolenghi, for all your hard work to bring great food from emerging food producers to the masses. 

Thank you everyone at Carnevino for a memorable night and your positive words. You are who Bryon makes Pacific Flake for.

As Julia Child would say, "Bon Appetit!"   

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