“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

Only You Can Stimulate the Economy

Shop local. Your dollar is the last true vote.

During this time it is the small local business that are feeling the strain. How can we help our neighbors? How can we support those that don’t qualify or don’t want to accept government assistance? The answer is to Shop local.

I have been ordering all my organic, pasture-raised meat online. I found many different suppliers in my beautiful state of California. Beef, chicken, and pork.

All the small farms I found are raising animals in a responsible way. Some are back-ordered due to the high demand for their tasty products, but I feel it is worth the wait to help a local farmer. Each week I have been slowly placing orders to fill up my new long-term storage freezer.

I just found a supplier that does wild, line-caught fish. I am very excited. They do a meat box with an assortment of meats or a monthly shipment. These are available up and down the state of California and some will ship nationwide.

Not into meat? Need to add some veg to your meat? No problem. California is rich in small, local farmers. Farmers Markets are open. Support them. Join a CSA.

Since moving to San Diego I was shocked to find there was only one Co-Op in all of San Diego county. I started searching and there are plenty of CSAs available and there is a Farmers Market every day of the week all within 20 minutes from our new home. I know it is so easy to just do a one-stop-shop at the mega-market, but is that really a great food source?

We strive to eat well at all times but during times of high stress its even more important to eat nutrient-dense food. And you are helping your neighborhood grower at the same time. Win, win.

These days almost everything local can be delivered to your door, for example, my good friend, Sue, has local wine delivered right to her door.

I always buy flowers from a local grower, they cheer me up and I am helping a small business owner feed his family.

Take a minute and think about ways you can help your neighbor. Think about the products you use every day and see if those products can be bought from local suppliers.

Go outside. Take a walk. Enjoy nature and eat well.

Jennifer Duty

“Pacific Flake, your local, Flake, Sea Salt, harvestry”

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