“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

October is Transition Month

What’s on the Table at Pacific Flake 
Written By Jennifer Duty

October is the transition month.

Fall is in the air. Cooler mornings, warm afternoons. Green leaves to orange & yellow. T-shirts to sweatshirts. I actually had to put shoes on the other day. My feet were cold.

Harvest is wrapping up the year and some farmers market will be closed by the end of October. Things slow down. It’s natural. It’s healthy.

October is also when I start shopping for Christmas. Back when layaway was a thing, I would have all my shopping done by mid-October and make payments in order to pick up the gifts by Christmas.

We have simple holidays, very relaxed, but I have already started planning. It is time to order and reserve your local, pasture raised turkey, ham, chicken, or duck.

The Larder Meat Company is in the middle of the state and can ship to your front door.

Ask your local baker about pre-ordering pies and loaves of bread for the holidays. Buy in bulk at the farmers market. Prepare apples and berries for the freezer. When the time comes, thaw and put them in a pie crust. Easy. 

Start looking at your pantry.

  • Does it need to be cleared out?

  • Are there things in there that will never be used?

  • Do you need to stock up?

  • How old is that cinnamon?

  • Do I need more salt? The answer is yes.

You should be using Pacific Flake regularly. It is meant to be used, every day for everything.

A lot of people ask me what I use Pacific Flake on & how much do I use. I use Pacific Flake on everything. Pacific Flake is salt in its purest form. It has no aluminum, anti-caking agents, & no synthetic iodine. It is not bleached. Pacific Flake is clean and white. The flakes do not need to be ground. They are delicate & dissolve on your tongue and into your food. I carry a small jar and a small bag in my purse.

At home, I have a 2-pound bag. The best way I have found to keep Pacific Flake at the ready is to keep it on my counter, next to the stove. Bryon likes to keep his on the table. My sister in law keeps her Pacific Flake in a small bowl next to the stove. She says it gathers a little moisture and clumps a little bit, but she just pinches it and it breaks apart.
Hands down the best way I have found to keep my salt at the ready is the Emile Henry Salt Pig.

Pacific Flake stays amazing no matter what the weather is like. It does not clump. The wide opening makes it easy to grab and sprinkle or keep a spoon in. It is my new favorite kitchen tool.

I only recommend the Emile Henry Salt Pig.

Pacific Flake does not get paid by them. I feel it is a worthy product to showcase Pacific Flake & keep it accessible for easy use.

I am so pleased I found this product. Salt pigs and salt cellars have been around forever. It was how salt was stored before mined salt contained anti-caking agents. Every household had one or the other. 


To purchase in bulk for your restaurant please see our Shop page 

To order for your personal use please visit our partner page at Spiceology


Enjoy the fall harvest. Eat well and live.
“Pacific Flake, Your Local Sea Salt Harvestry.”

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