“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf

Father’s Day Weekend & Praise to a Few Good Men

By Jennifer Duty

A big weekend for food. Like most people, I will spend the weekend around a BBQ with some of the greatest men I know.

It can be a sad weekend for some. Dad’s and men are not always the kindest. I will not address them. I will not give them any power. This weekend is for good men, great men.  Men that have done amazing things, just because they are in my life. I am very fortunate to know a lot of great men.

This is my brother Dan Cutter, during my 20s and 30s we had no relationship. Now we enjoy each others company regularly. We share the travel bug. We RV’d together in the desert in this past January. He loved it. I was so proud to share that part of my life with him.
We will RV together in July for our anniversaries in the Tahoe Forest.  This should be interesting. We will be boondocking for four days and I am a hot shower kind of girl. I will have to curtail my long hot showers, but I can’t wait.
He is just fun. Most important he has been good for my boys. He knows everything.
It is amazing, and if you have driven on a road in California or Nevada, that is my brother’s handiwork.
I will spend this Sunday with my brother. He is a wonderful man. I have learned so much from him. Most importantly I have learned, “It will be alright.” He says that often. He is very relaxed in his later years. Reminding me to relax. I am very high strung. I think I spent too many years in San Diego in the rat race. I still function like that, not always soaking in the moment. My brother is 15 years older than me. 

Of course, my husband is pretty much the most tenacious person I know. His mind is always at work, creating, coming up with new ideas, making things better. It was him that started his software company when we had lost everything after the 2008 bust, including my health. We were down to our last $203, and we were living on my mom’s porch when he made his first sale. From there he has grown his company to new heights. Partnering with huge companies and creating a life that allows me to eat clean, organic food, which let's face it, is not cheap.

He has worked hard and I am so grateful. We have a beautiful life. We get to live a life most dream of. We get to travel often and eat great food. At the end of the day, my husband is a giver. He loves to help people. He was most happy in ministry. He is a strong leader. He ran a church in San Diego for a year. He did Hurricane Katrina relief in New Orleans for six months, and he ran a low-cost food & clothing program for the working poor in San Diego. His ministry is mostly helping me right now but dreams of helping people again in the future. 

Which brings me to my children. Like a good mother, I adore my children. I love that they have grown into good people. They are smart and compassionate. 

"Bryon’s work is still something that amazes me"

His passion for food has grown to epic heights. Every batch of salt is like a miracle. Suddenly the salt appears out nowhere. Beautiful huge flakes of amazing beauty. The clean, fragile masterpieces created by perfect timing and skill that Bryon had to learn through trial and error.

His product sent to chefs that truly understand that food is love. 
Pacific Flake will be used this weekend in many restaurants and at a few BBQs.

This weekend I encourage everyone to celebrate the men in your life.
Eat some healthy, nourishing food together. Be grateful. 

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